Automatic Doors
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DAES offers bespoke design elements and automatic systems to suit your business. From brand new installations and shopfronts to automating existing door sets, we work alongside you to ensure complete customer satisfaction. DAES has over 15 years industry experience installing, maintaining and repairing doors across all major UK Industry Sectors including but not limited to; Banking, NHS Health Care and Related Services, Industrial, Property and Retailers.

Roller Shutters
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Roller Shutters are the best way to keep your business safe, we provide various types of commercial shutters to give you that additional form of security and peace of mind. We install Roller Shutters to the highest possible standard, each product tailor-made to suit the specific requirement of our clients. DAES offers; aluminium, solid, glazed, brick-bond, or perforated lath in a standard galvanised finish or powder-coated, the choice is yours. Not only do our installations offer a high level of security, they are visually pleasing, giving your premises a more professional appearance. Available in both manual or electric operation, Roller Shutters also provide excellent heat and sound insulation. Fundamentally, Roller Shutters are an ideal solution for any type of entrance or exit that needs protecting.

Gates and Barriers
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DAES offer specialist custom-built designs, maintenance and repairs on automated gates on a wide range of properties including car parks, offices, hotels, factories, warehouses, public buildings and industrial spaces.   

Automatic gates and barriers are highly recommended to allow users such as; staff, customers and authorised vehicles in and out of your property. Timed access control systems can be implemented or retrospectively fitted to allow out of hours access using access cards, fobs or key coded entry. By having the correct system in place, you can ensure the security of your premises whilst maintaining a professional company image. 

PPM - Planned Preventative Maintenance

Access control systems can be installed to new or existing automatic doors, gates or barriers with a wide range of systems being available to suit the specific security requirements of your property.

Access control enables you to control who has access to your building. It allows full security on one or both sides, only allowing access to authorised personnel.

PPM - Planned Preventative Maintenance

DAES provides service packages to ensure longevity and legal compliancy. As well as prolonging the functionality and lifecycle of the equipment, it is essential that business managers and owners understand that failing to maintain the assets so they are safe in use would lead to a court penalty if there was an injury.

The National and European Standards for Automatic Doors (BS EN 16005 and BS 7036) sets the minimum level of safety allowed within the Machinery Directive for new powered doors, this is a statutory directive to ensure the safety of employees and users.

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